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Starts at: 21.05.2019
Ends at: 21.05.2019
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Type: Conference

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The International Transport Forum (ITF), together with European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), are pleased to announce and convene a Research Day on Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration. This Research Day will be held in Leipzig, Germany on Tuesday 21 May 2019, in conjunction with the International Transport Forum’s 2019 Annual Summit (22- 24 May 2019). 

The objective of the ITF Pre-Summit Research Day is to bring together top academics, researchers, and practitioners to present and discuss topics relevant to the Summit’s theme, providing highly valued input to the Summit’s core programme.

It is critically important that research results are brought into practice, especially considering the pace with which our transport system is currently evolving. The Research Day offers a great opportunity to exchange ideas not only between researchers, but also with representatives from governments, cities, and other decision makers. 

While the 2019 ITF Summit on Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration will discuss connectivity in all of its dimensions (physical, institutional, digital, modal, operational) and will cut across individual/passenger travel and freight logistics, and supply chains. The Research Day will have a limited scope to specific topics. In particular, in order to plan their actions and investments for the coming years, policy makers need the input from researchers to provide knowledge and solutions on how to:

  • Enhance regional integration through better air connectivity;
  • Improve freight and logistics management;
  • Harness the potential of transport innovation for better connectivity;
  • Ensure that connectivity solutions are sustainable and equitable.

Submission of abstracts
We invite the submission of abstracts of up to 1000 words that address Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration. Specific sessions will focus on:

  • Air connectivity;
  • Freight and logistics;
  • Innovation and new mobility services;
  • Sustainable transport solutions.

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