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BISON - field visits

Strasbourg / June 2023


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Successful field visits: A big thank you to all the stakeholders involved! 🙌

During the intense week of the BISON project, we witnessed the release of the Great Hamsters of Alsace 🐹 , a critically endangered species. Bred in captivity, these hamsters represent hope for preserving their fragile population. Vinci, the operator of a new highway near Strasbourg, has taken steps to reintroduce this species to compensate for its environmental impact.

Special thanks to Julien Eidenschenk from the French Office for Biodiversity, 
Office français de la biodiversité, for his expertise on the national action plan for the Grand Hamster. We also appreciate Elodie Spielmann and Arnaud GUILLEMIN for showcasing VINCI Autoroutes' environmental impact reduction measures along the Grand Contournement Ouest de Strasbourg.
These field visits were invaluable for understanding the vital link between biodiversity and transport infrastructure.
Heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders for their commitment to the success of these visits.
🌿 Bison aims to provide solutions for #mainstreamingbiodiversity into infrastructure development, including roads, railways, waterways, airports, ports or energy transmission networks. 
👉 Read the Bison reports:  

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