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BISON Final Event - DAY 3



🌍🤝 Exciting Collaboration at the Joint Seminar of BISON & UNEP!

We had the privilege of gathering participants from 38 countries at the European Council in Strasbourg for an engaging session. One of the day's key sessions discussed achieving a symbiosis between infrastructures and biodiversity. Thierry Goger, FEHRL Secretary-General, presented key results from the BISON project and shared the strategic agenda for research, innovation, and deployment.

A big thank you to our esteemed moderator Elizabeth Losos from Duke University, and co-panellists Yannick Autret (Ministères Écologie Énergie Territoires), Charlotte Navarro (IENE secretariat), Carme Rosell Pagès (MINUARTIA), and Andreas Seiler (IENE secretariat).

We thank all the participants who joined and actively participated in this collaborative event.

Together, we can drive positive change and create a sustainable future.

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