News - CoDEC project was present at #FIRM21


Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

CoDEC project was present at #FIRM21

DAy 2 - 8th December 2021


On December 8th, Carl Van Geem (BRRC) presented an overview of the CoDEC Project at the #FIRM21 Virtual meeting.

CoDEC is a project funded by the CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads) Transnational Research Programme Call 2018 aiming to understand, in a very practical way, the key means for successful implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles within the European highways industry, in particular with regards to freeing and enriching data flow to and from Asset Management Systems (AMS).

➡️ The recording time for CoDEC is 2:11:39 – 2:22:16.

CoDEC presentation is available HERE 


CODEC participation at FIRM  21_Van Geen C.jpg

To see all activities of the #FIRM21 virtual event, please visit:  


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