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EC Report on Road Infrastructure research

The DG Research study Road Infrastructure: The backbone of Transport System" was launched at TRA2008. In this publication, the strategies and objectives from FP5, through FP6 to FP7 are reviewed.  Looking at the projects related to road infrastructure, the report presents the evolution of the importance of the infrastructure themes throughout the programmes.

The report can be downloaded (5,3 Mb) or ordered from the DG Research website


From the report: "Transport is widely recognised as the basic structure enabling development and growth. Road infrastructure in particular, due to its capillary dissemination, can ensure a poper level of competitiveness to countries, regions and local communities.

The Framework Programmes, following their respective basic strategies, have considered road infrastructure from different points of view and included the relevant research under different thematic priorities and programmes. the ananlysis presented in this publication focuses on FP5 and FP6 funded projects dealing with road infrastructure related subjects, from construction to maintenance. "


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