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ERA-NET ROAD Conference on Climate Adaptation

REMINDER In 2007, four research projects - RIMAROCC, IRWIN, SWAMP and P2R2C2 - were let by the “Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change” Project Executive Board (PEB) of the ERA-NET ROAD Programme. At the conclusion of this programme, a final conference is being organised on 8 & 9 December 2010, in Cologne, Germany to present the findings and recommendations. The event will expose practical outputs that can be applied across Europe, and will be important in facilitating the understanding of this research across the funding member states. FEHRL is organising the event in collaboration with the German Federal Highway Research Institute, BASt. The conference is free of charge and will be held in English. For those who cannot attend, on 9 December a one-way live streaming presentation of the introduction and projects presentations (10:30-12:45) and plenary (15:45-16:45) will be available (link). Please tick the item on the registration to be contacted for. INVITATION + Draft Programme + Registration link (.pdf).







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