News - ERA-NET ROAD report now published from Climate Change Conference

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ERA-NET ROAD report now published from Climate Change Conference

"Road owners getting to grips with climate change” report now available on FEHRL website with many other conference materials


In December last year, ERA-NET ROAD’s final conference on “Road owners getting to grips with climate change was held to present the final research of the folliowing four funded projects:  

  • IRWIN - Improved local winter index to assess maintenance needs and adaptation costs in climate change scenarios
  • P2R2C2 - Pavement Performance & Remediation Requirements following Climate Change
  • RIMAROCC - Risk Management for Roads in a Changing Climate
  • SWAMP - Storm Water prevention – Methods to predict damage from water stream in and near road pavements in lowland areas

The conference was a great success with more than 100 people attending (click here to see the breakdown per country). Please visit the FEHRL website to download the presentations from the 8th Dec and 9th Dec, as well as the photos and videos of part 1 and  part 2 of the workshops.

The afternoon of the second day the conference was split into two workshops (see videos). FEHRL’s rapporteur team gathered the outcome of these discussions specific to the projects in a summary report that outlines the findings from the four projects in the programme and shows how road authorities can implement these recommendations for each of them in the best way.

This “Road owners getting to grips with climate change” report is available on the FEHRL website - click here to download. FEHRL trusts you will find the report content useful to fine-tuning or orienting your own research recommendations. For more information, contact Isabelle Lucchini, Training/event officer at


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