News - ERPUG 2013 Forum to be held on 10-12th September 2013


Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

ERPUG 2013 Forum to be held on 10-12th September 2013

TRIMM project to be presented at first European Road Profile Users' Group (ERPUG) forum in Copenhagen on September 10-12th 2013.


Registration has now opened at for the first European Road Profile Users’ Group (ERPUG) forum. The theme is" Reliable monitoring that meets the requirements for use and quality". The conference will be organised in three blocks and a final constitutional meeting to appoint an executive committee for the continued work. Each block starts with presentations by invited speakers and ends with a discussion. The themes of the three blocks are:

  • Road data assessment as a business model, how to create incentives, initiate and improve development
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Analysis, tools and indicators

Equipment vendors and operators, Pavement management engineers, Construction engineers, Design engineers, Researchers, Federal-  state & local government agencies, Paving contractors, Consultants
• An annual forum for exchange of ideas and information in an informal setting.
• Provide a forum for the road managers and other users of the data.
• Provide a forum for the engineering service providers, contractors, vendors, and customers.
• Provide a forum for discussion on research and standardization.
• Explore the latest initiatives and innovations.
• Networking.

Robert Karlsson, Project Coordinator of the TRIMM project, will present TRIMM at one of the sessions. More information can be found fom the attachment below or


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