News - EU Champions of Transport Research Competition registration now open

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EU Champions of Transport Research Competition registration now open

Are you a transport innovator? Have you done highly impactful research funded by the EU? You could be eligible for the EU Champions of Transport Research Competition.


Cutting edge transport research has profound effects on our lives and the way we experience the world, changing the way we travel, consume and interact with one another. The EU Champions of Transport Research Competition is an FP7 funded excellence award for leading surface transport researchers in European projects. It helps us to show how important and impactful surface transport research is.

The Competition aims to further disseminate the knowledge gained from the results of research projects in Surface Transport thereby stimulating discussion and generating new ideas about where we can go in the future.

Applications will take the form of an impact statement (maximum 5 pages) of EU funded research in Surface Transport. The deadline for entries is 30th November 2013.

This Competition will shortlist 10 leading researchers and announce a winner in Road, Rail, Waterborne and Cross-modal transport research as well as an overall winner. The awards will be presented at TRA 2014.

For more information check out the competition website or email the team at You can also find the competition on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

For more details on TRA Visions in general and background to the student compeition running in parallel, click here.


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