News - FEHRL member DNDI carries out much dissemination for SENSKIN project

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FEHRL member DNDI carries out much dissemination for SENSKIN project

Four key activities held over past few months


FEHRL member DNDI has carried out the following four key dissemination activities for the SENSKIN project over the past few months:

1) Exhibition CONEXPO-CON/AGG2017 (Las Vegas, USA on 7th March 2017): presentation for SABIT (International training programme launched by the Ministry of Trade of USA) participants; see the photos below and more details here.


2) The 6th International S&T conference “New Technologies in Construction. Ensuring the construction projects serviceability. Design, construction, operation. Scientific and technical support” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of SE State Research Institute of Building Production named after V.S. Balitsky (RIBP) and 80th birthday of PhD in Engineering sciences, Professor Balytsky V.S. Kyiv; 24 – 25th May 2017. 

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the tendencies of modern development of construction science and technologies, effective solutions of ensuring the operational integrity of construction projects. SENSKIN concept and the achieved results were presented during the work section dedicated to the issues of survey and evaluation of technical condition of construction objects; scientific and technical monitoring of construction objects. See the photos below and more details can be found here.

DNDI SENSKIN 6th Int S&T confDNDI SENSKIN 6th Int S&T conf2

3) Meeting of TC307 "Highways and Transport Facilities" (Technical Committee of Standardization). Kyiv, 25 May, 2017. 

Technical Committee 307 (TC307) is the subject of the national system of standardization. It acts in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and is guided by the normative legal acts that extend to its activities, the standards of the national system of standardization, normative and organizational and regulatory documents of the central executive authority on construction, architecture and urban planning.

The activities of the TC307 are aimed at achieving optimal management in the road economy which results in an increase in the level of conformity of products (works, services) to their functional purpose and promotion of scientific and technical cooperation. This is achieved through:

  • improvement of the national standardization system;
  • increase of efficiency of work on standardization in road economy;
  • development, revision and approval of national and sectoral standards concerning test methods, requirements for characteristics, standardization in the areas of construction technology, design, road building materials, construction, repair and operation of highways and transport facilities, environment, traffic safety, etc .;
  • development of technical specifications, flowcharts, regulations, other norms, as well as sectoral and individual resource element estimates for all types of road works and advising road organizations on their application;
  • examination of normative documents of the state and sectoral level.

The functions of the Secretariat TC 307 " Highways and Transport Facilities" are entrusted to DNDI. See the photos below and more details here.


4) International exhibition-forum "Highway: Bridges, Roads, Tunnels". Kyiv, 12 – 14th April, 2017. 

The SENSKIN concept and achieved results were presented within the thematic area “Design of roads, bridges and tunnels". See the photos below and more details here

SENSKIN highway conferenceSENSKIN highway conference2


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