News - FEHRL President Joris Al bids farewell to FEHRL Director Dr. Peter Reichelt

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FEHRL President Joris Al bids farewell to FEHRL Director Dr. Peter Reichelt

On 21st October 2011, FEHRL member BASt bid farewell to its President Dr. Peter Reichelt and welcomed in Stefan Strick as new President.


Last Friday 21st October 2011, Rainer Bomba, State Secretary in the German federal government for Transport, Building and Urban Development (Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung) led a ceremony to welcome Stefan Strick as new President of BASt and bid farewell to Peter Reichelt, who has been working in BASt since 1994 and has been President there since 2008.

Dr. Peter Reichelt gets the official document of his retirement from State Secretary Rainer Bomba

FEHRL President Joris Al attended the ceremony and warmly thanked Peter Reichelt for all he has done in his long history with FEHRL since 1994. Peter Reichelt has been behind all of the strategic developments of FEHRL and was active in many Directors Working Groups to define what FEHRL is today. Peter Reichelt was a senior and well-respected member of FEHRL's General Assembly and a very stable and consistent factor in FEHRL's development.

Dr. Peter Reichelt receives a present from FEHRL President Joris Al

On the same occasion, Joris Al extended a warm welcome to Ministerial Advisor Stefan Strick and wished him good luck in his new role as President of BASt and member of the FEHRL General Assemby. Stefan Strick is a lawyer and has worked in the German federal Transport Administration since 1990.

Click on to see the photos and read the press release (in German) about the event and see the attached invitation below for more details.


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