News - FEHRL promotes Forever Open Road at TRB on 22nd-26th January 2012

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

FEHRL promotes Forever Open Road at TRB on 22nd-26th January 2012

FEHRL attended  TRB 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, USA, from 22nd-26th January 2012.


FEHRL booth at TRBFEHRL's exhibition booth at the Transporation Research Board (TRB) 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, USA from 22nd-26th January 2012 promoted FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road programme and other projects including TRA2012, was the central hub for FEHRL members and partners, and welcomed all delegates interested in learning more about FEHRL.

Also at TRB, the MIRIAM project organised a key session on rolling resistance which involved several FEHRL members including the project leaders DRI and the FEHRL President. 

Michel Egger of CEDR in front of the TRA2012 banner at FEHRL's standFEHRL was involved in a series of key meetings throughout TRB to take forward its collaboration with FHWA, following the Memorandum of Cooperation signed last summer. This included an International Research Cooperation meeting on Monday 23rd January, where one of the items to be discussed is the US Scanning Tour that FEHRL members will conduct at the end of March.

FEHRL members also had the opportunity to participate in several receptions and dinners organised by various country delegates, as well as carry out technical visits to the nearby Virginia Department of Transport (DOT) and the Center of Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) laboratory at the University of Maryland.





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