News - FEHRL Secretary-General to talk at Booming Cities on 22nd May 2012


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FEHRL Secretary-General to talk at Booming Cities on 22nd May 2012

FEHRL member BRRC jointly organising Booming Cities seminar entitled Building Challenges and Urban Mobility in Brussels.


Steve Phillips, FEHRL's Secretary-General, will give a presentation entitled "Next generation infrastructures for efficient mobility" at the  "Booming Cities, Blooming Cities:  Building Challenges and Urban Mobility" event at the innovative Tours & Taxis venue on 22nd May 2012. His presentation will iinclude an overview of FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road programme and sister programmes for Rail, Rivers and Runways (click here to read an overview of his presentation). Jointly organised by FEHRL member BRRC, Part 1 of the event will also cover:

  • What does the City Boom mean for the specific context in Brussels and what are the most important demographic challenges Brussels faces? (Prof. dr. Eric Corijn)
  • What is the impact of the City Boom on the construction sector and which strategies could help to tackle the housing shortage? (Mr. Ruben Decuypere)
  • What is the role of energy efficiency and sustainability in creating affordable housing (Mr. Grégoire Clerfayt)
  • How could the transformation of office spaces contribute to the creation of dwellings and get the office market in balance (Prof. Christian Lasserre)
  • How could we get the housing market in balance and what is the most efficient way to tackle the housing shortage (Prof. dr. Johan Albrecht)
  • How could we densify the city without having to sacrifice comfort
    (Mr. Rudy Uytenhaak).

Delegates will also be able to visit the real estate fair REALTY 2012 which is also being held at Tour & Taxis. The event has part II on 23rd May 2012 and a poster session. See for more information.


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