News - First joint ETP task force workshop held on 28th September 2012

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First joint ETP task force workshop held on 28th September 2012

First joint ETP task force workshop held in Brussels on 28th September 2012


As previously reported, FEHRL has been coordinating efforts over the past months on behalf of ERTRAC to establish a transport-led, joint European Technology Platform (ETP) task force on transport infrastructure research and innovation for Horizon 2020. The joint task force aims to deliver by mid-2013 a single roadmap on infrastructure research and innovation for all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. The content of the roadmap will be consolidated in two workshops to which experts are invited through the contributing ETPs. The first workshop was held on 28th September 2012 in Brussels, the second will take place on 28th February 2013, also in Brussels.

More than 60 delegates from a range of stakeholder organisations from across Europe and modes, including ETP members, EC representatives, universities and consultants, joined the first workshop in Brussels on the morning of 28th September. The workshop was a first external kick-off to raise awareness of the activities of the Joint ETP task force, as well as get headline feedback on the first outline of common elements in the vision and the research highlights from each of the ETPs involved. 

The workshop was chaired by Govert Sweere of Rijkswaterstaat. Paul Verhoef of the EC’s DG MOVE and Liam Breslin of DG RTD presented the latest developments in the Strategic Transport Technology Plan and Horizon 2020 and explicitly encouraged and supported the joint ETP task force activities in view of the fact that infrastructure is indeed among the four key priorities of the first Work Porgramme of Horizon 2020. In the following session, Ruud Smit presented an overview of the following common denominators in the ETP’s visions for 2030-2050, which can be summarised as:
1. The need for advanced, affordable and acceptable infrastructure
2. The need for adaptability, automation/information, resilience
3. The need for uniform/harmonised basics and frameworks.

After this, a panel of ETP representatives from ACARE, ECTP, ERRAC, ERTRAC and Waterborne gave their key specific aspects of their joint vision and the audience had the opportunity to give their input under moderation by John Amoore (ERRAC) and Bob Collis of TRL (FEHRL).

Following the break, the second consultation session was opened by a panel of five ETP representatives that highlighted their key research needs for 2020 in the context of the joint ETP task force.

Finally in the conclusion of the workshop, Paul Verhoef and Liam Breslin repeated their encouragement and support, stressing the importance of infrastructure as a key priority in the first Work Programme of 2014 and reinforcing the ambitious timeline set for the joint ETP task force to deliver the joint roadmap. Ruud Smit closed the meeting by presenting the next steps before the next workshop in February 2013.

For more details on the task force, contact Ruud Smit at and download the workshop materials from



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