News - FOR Stakeholder Reference Group meeting held on 8th December 2011


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FOR Stakeholder Reference Group meeting held on 8th December 2011

Several Brussels-based EU stakeholders contributed to discussions to develop Forever Open Road.


A successful Forever Open Road (FOR) Stakeholder Reference Group meeting was held on 8th December 2011 to develop the FOR programme. Several Brussels-based stakeholders and FEHRL partners - Ozlem Aslan from EUPAVE, Stephane Verwilghen from ASECAP, Egbert Beuving from EAPA, Sybille Rupprecht from IRF, Luca Pascotto from FIA and Hermann Meyer from ERTICO - joined several FEHRL members from the Executive Commitee and FOR core team to discuss the progress and future development of FOR. Attendees were informed on progress since September 2010 and the timeline for 2012.

Particular attention was given to the three following topics that FEHRL had suggested to the European Commission (EC) for the 2013 call of FP7:

  • Advanced systems and materials and techniques for green and reliable infrastructure
  • Cost-effective infrastructure for urban surface transport
  • Recommendations for application of infrastructure research findings on the TEN-T.  

The session concluded with a presentation of eight concrete examples of system trials on which FEHRL and stakeholders can cooperate - three for the Adaptable Road, three for the Automated Road and two for the Resilient Road. Participants expressed willingness to cooperate and be informed on the next steps of the programme. Click on the link below to access the presentation given by Bob Colis of TRL and leader of the FOREX group.




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