News - Forever Open Road Programme Manager Appointed

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

Forever Open Road Programme Manager Appointed

FORMr. Ruud Smit from The Netherlands, RWS DVS, has been appointed as the Forever Open Road Programme Manager. In this role, Mr Smit will work with the forum of FOR Champions to help build and sustain the FOR programme and the related events. The objectives are to get FOR on the move within the community of the FOR Champions themselves by the end of 2010; to broaden the participation in FOR from FEHRL members and other stakeholders in 2011 and to help the forum of FOR Champions in positioning FOR to the European Commission and Member States in order to secure FOR in FP8 and in ERANET-ROAD/TRANSPORT by 2013. This role will come into effect on 1 September 2010. Mr Smit will be working from the FEHRL office in Brussels, Belgium.


Mr. Ruud Smit, RWS DVS


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