News - INCRIS secondment at FEHRL offices reaches completion

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INCRIS secondment at FEHRL offices reaches completion

Nataliia Bidnenko seconded on INCRIS project for six weeks to FEHRL offices from FEHRL member DNDI.


One of the four objectives of WP 2 (Training) within the INCRIS project, led by IBDiM of Poland, is to strengthen the capability of Ukrainian researchers to take part in future European Commission Framework Programmes and other international research programmes. To make this possible, two project management training courses were organised for DNDI staff in September and November 2012, the first in Kiev and the second in Brussels. 

Further to these training courses,  three DNDI staff members are expected to be assigned for  a short secondment to the FEHRL Secretariat in Brussels to work with project managers and research developers and gain hands-on experience. The first secondee from DNDI, Nataliia Bidnenko, has taken part in a six-week secondment from 27th May-6th July 2013. 

Nataliia Bidnenko is an International Relations Specialists from DNDI. She has been working at DNDI since 2009 and has been engaged in INCRIS since the very beginning. In addition to INCRIS, Nataliia has also participated in several FEHRL projects such as CERTAIN, RE-ROAD, PILOT4SAFETY and EUTRAIN. She translated the “SPENS Summary Report” and the “Safety prevention manual for secondary roads” (Pilot4Safety) from English into Ukrainian. 

She also actively participated in the preparation and work of the Project Management Training (sessions 1 & 2) on September 18-20th 2012 in Kiev. She was in charge of translation into Ukrainian of the materials of the Training Pack and Guide related to the training course.

As Quality Assurance Manager for DNDI in the INCRIS project, she is in charge of the timely uploading and tracking of deliverables on EC Participant Portal, as well as communication with INCRIS project partners, FEHRL and EC representatives on INCRIS-related issues.

As secondee she has actively participated in recent FEHRL and project-organised events such as the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting (FIRM13) held on June 5-6th 2013 in Brussels. At FIRM13, she made the presentation “INCRIS – Improving International Cooperation and Road Infrastructure Research with Ukraine” during the session entitled “Knowledge Transfer for infrastructure Research” (see photo to right). She has also translated the INCRIS newsletters and FIRM brochure into Ukrainian.


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