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Internet Consultation on the Seventh Framework Programme

EC DG Research has launched an open consultation as part of the Interim Evaluation of FP7. This exercise is to examine progress and provide recommendations to help both the implementation of FP7, as well as contributing ideas for the possible next Framework Programme.


The period of consultation is from 02/07/2010 to 27/08/2010.  The Interim Evaluation of FP7 is being carried out by a group of independent experts, supported by an extensive base of evidence. In order to provide the experts with a range of opinions and views about the functioning and achievements of FP7, this interactive consultation has been set up to allow for contributions both from those with direct experience of the FP, as well as any groups or individuals who wish to give their views. The survey addresses stakeholders including major users of FP7, research organisations and firms.  Contributions are welcomed from citizens, organisations and public authorities. After the consultation closes, a consolidated report, produced by the responsible service will be published here and on


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