News - Join FEHRL at TRA2014 from 13-17th April 2014

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Join FEHRL at TRA2014 from 13-17th April 2014

Don't miss the Forever Open Road session at TRA2014!


Join FEHRL at a special Forever Open Road session (Invited Session 40) on Thursday 17th April from 2-4pm in the Ampère rooms 5+6 at TRA2014 in Paris.
This session will discuss how Forever Open Road responds to the challenges faced by the European transport system. It includes the participation of Thierry Goger (FEHRL), Bob Collis (TRL), Steve Phillips (CEDR), Joris Al (Rijkswaterstaat), Stefan Höller (BASt), Mohammed Hoseini (NPRA), Nicolas Hautière (IFSTTAR) and Stefan Deix (CLEPA).

Come and learn about more about FEHRL's activities and plans at our  exhibition booth B1, which is part of the CEDR village at TRA2014 and sponsored by our members AIT, BRRC, TNO and VTI. And as you will read here, many other FEHRL-related projects and initiatives feature at TRA2014, for example TRIMM and SMARTRAIL

 You will be able to find out more about the new ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 Call that FEHRL is involved in at the booth adjacent to our stand. 


And FEHRL is in partnership with the  5th International Conference on Women's Issues in Transportation (WIIT) hosted by IFSTTAR in conjunction with TRA2014.  
Key project presentations during TRA2014
You are invited to the following programme of short presentations put together on key projects at the Agora space (next to the FEHRL booth B1):
Monday 14th April            

 10:30-11am Networking for urban vitality - Jos Aerts, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

3.30-4pm Cooperative ITS corridor - Frans op de Beek, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands        
Tuesday 15th April                            

10.30-11.00am CEDR Programme - Road worker safety: Baselining road works safety on European roads (BRoWSER) - Brian Lawton, TRL, UK

1-1.30pm CEDR Programme - Climate Change: Roads for today, adapted for tomorrow (ROADAPT) - Thomas Bles, DELTARES, Netherlands

ECOLABEL - Development of a novel ECO-LABELing EU-harmonized methodology for cost-effective, safer and greener road products and infrastructures - Carlos Martin-Portugues Montoliu, Acciona, Spain 

3.30-4pm CEDR Programme - Traffic noise: Quietness and economics stimulate infrastructure management (QUESTIM) - Gijsjan van Blokland, M+P, Netherlands
Wednesday 16th April                                     
10.30-11am CEDR Programme - Road worker safety: Appropriate speed saves all people (ASAP) - Robert Thompson, VTI, Sweden
3.30-4pm CEDR Programme - Recycling: Effects on availability of road network (EARN) - Cliff Nichols, TRL, UK      
Thursday 17th April                          
10.30-11am  DISTANCE - Developing Innovative Solutions for Traffic Noise Control in Europe - Luc Goubert, BRRC, Belgium
1-1.30pm  TRIMM - Implementation of advanced monitoring techniques in road asset management - Leif Sjogren, VTI, Sweden  

FEHRL co-organising ETRA session at TRA2014

The European Transport Research Alliance (ETRA) is organising IS 43 entitled "Education and training issues for the transport researchers of the future ERA" on Thursday 17th April from 2-3.30pm. This session includes:
  •  Education and training activities; 
  • Gaps in transport education;
  • The need for transport research related courses;
  • Issues of benchmarking for transport courses;
  • Best practice examples.
FEHRL-related projects

The TRIMM project features on Monday 14th April from 9-10.30am at the Scientific and Technical Session (STS) 4: Auscultation and monitoring asset conditions in Darwin 3. The poster is called "Implementation of advanced monitoring techniques in road asset management - results from TRIMM project".   


MIRAVEC is one of the Outreach Market Place posters on Monday 14th March that can be viewed the whole day on level C - Pierre Curie Hall.

 A presentation on the SAVeRS project entitled "Development of a guideline for the selection of vehicle restraint systems - identification of the key selection parameters" will be given in Darawin 6 on Tuesday 15th April from 2-3.30pm in STS 36: Infrastructure and Road Safety. 

POTHOLE, meanwhile, features on Wednesday 16th April at 9am as part of STS 42: Pavement Performance and Durability in Ampere 5+6. The presentation is entitled "Durable pothole repairs" and involves many project members. 

The BRIDGEMON project is one of the Outreach Market Place posters that can be viewed on Level C - Pierre Curie Hall the whole day on Wednesday 16th April.

The ASAP project features on Wednesday 16th April from  2-3:30pm at the STS 51: Factor of Accidents in Ampere 7+8. The poster is called "Speed Management in Work Zones"  

The SMARTRAIL project features along with MAINLINE as part of the Invited Session (IS) 28: Asset Management and Monitoring for ageing rail infrastructure in Darwin 5 on Wednesday 16th April from 5.30-7pm. The session is chaired and moderated by Kenneth Gavin, UCD, Ireland.

 The SOLUTIONS project features on Thursday 17th April from 2-3.30pm at  IS 35 entitled "Transport Innovation  Transferability Workshop: Best Practice Examples from TIDE and SOLUTIONS" in Dickens 1+2.


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