News - Join Infravation at the International Market Event on 19th October in conjunction with IALCCE!

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Join Infravation at the International Market Event on 19th October in conjunction with IALCCE!

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 Infravation, innovative solutions for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges

 Wednesday 19 October, from 12 o’clock

De Bouwcampus, Delft, the Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam,

Infravation is a transnational programme that is financing nine innovative projects for road infrastructure. Having started a year ago, it is time to reflect on how the results of the projects can be put into practice. IALCCE (see, a major international symposium on asset management being organised in the Netherlands in the autumn, provides an ideal platform for this review. Accordingly, an Infravation knowledge-sharing session will be organised as a side event during the conference on 19 October. The organisers, Infravation, BouwCampus, Bouwend Nederland, NLengineers, the WOW Network and Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch National Road Authority), are pleased to invite you to attend this event, which will be held at TU Delft’s Bouwcampus.

The aim of Infravation is to increase the efficiency and reduce the life-cycle costs of constructing and maintaining roads and bridges, as well as mitigating the environmental impact. Rijkswaterstaat is coordinating the programme, which is financed by a number of EU member states, together with Norway, Israel, the United States and the EU. The projects were launched in the third quarter of 2015 and the intention is that the innovative solutions they have produced will have been tested and delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2018 at the latest.

The purpose of the knowledge-sharing session is to inform clients and contractors in the civil engineering market of the planned innovations, the results to date and the anticipated final results of the nine projects in the Infravation programme. The objective is that by the end of the Infravation programme the projects will have demonstrated the effectiveness of their solutions in practice. During the afternoon session , there will be a discussion of practical applications of the solutions. As part of the IALCCE Symposium, the session is intended for the international civil engineering market and will therefore be conducted in English. This means that it will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking with international colleagues.


12:00   Opening with lunch and introduction of the projects with poster presentations

13:00   Welcome by Jean Luc Beguin, member of the executive board of Rijkswaterstaat and Chief Engineer/Director Programmes, Projects and Maintenance

13:15   Pitches on each project

14.00   Introduction and explanation of the workshops

14:10   First round

15:00   Change of workshop

15.10   Second round

16:00   Close of session with networking reception

Date:                           Wednesday 19 October 2016

Registration fee:        none

Venue:                         de BouwCampus, Van der Burghweg 1, 2628 CS Delft, the Netherlands

You can find more information about the nine Infravation innovation projects at Or contact Peter Wilbers (, Richard van der Elburg ( or Joris Vijverberg (

Please note that registration closes Friday, September 30. On-site registration will not be possible. Due to limited capacity at the meeting premises your final registration confirmation will be send after September 30.

See you on October 19!

Kind regards,

Also on behalf of Infravation, Bouwcampus, Bouwend Nederland, NLengineers, the WOW Network,

Jean Luc Beguin,

Member of the Executive Board of Rijkswaterstaat and Chief Engineer/Director of Programmes, Projects and Maintenance



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