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During its last meeting, held early July, the FEHRL General Assembly welcomed the University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering (UNIZGFCE) as new FEHRL Member.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb is the oldest civil engineering faculty in Croatia conducting university education at an undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in all branches of civil engineering. It is continually developing and advancing higher education, scientific research activities and overall education, and actively participates in the development of the profession and implementation of new technologies.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb is the oldest and largest institution of higher education in civil engineering in the Republic of Croatia. The Faculty was integrated into the University of Zagreb, which was established in 1669.


The UNIZGFCE representatives within FEHRL will be:

Director: Prof. Stjepan Lakušić, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb

Research Coordinator: Associate Prof. Ana Mandić IvankovićVice Dean for International and Inter-institutional Cooperation

More information about UNIZGFCE:



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