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New FEHRL project FiWi - FEHRL institutes WIM initiative project

Starting September 2007, FEHRL institutes active in Weigh-in-motion (WIM) R&D have joined forces in a new FEHRL project: FiWi.

Since the early 90's there have been considerable developments in the field of Weigh-in-Motion in Europe. Interesting results have been achieved by cooperation in international projects like DIVINE, COST-323, WAVE, Top-Trial and Remove.

One of the aims of the FiWi project is to implement the key recommendations of the Remove project.


The Remove project concluded that for enforcement applications of Weigh-in-Motion there currently exist no international (EU) regulations and specifications. Considering the recent developments in both the technology and applications of WIM, the FiWi project will produce an up-to-date set of international WIM-specifications. Bridge-WIM systems and WIM systems for direct enforcement will be included.  Furthermore will be an update on the research and applications in the field of Weigh-in-Motion in Europe. This will concentrate on the area's Traffic Monitoring & Safety, Pavement Engineering, Bridge Engineering, and Enforcement.

Usually there are only a few people specialised in Weigh-in-Motion technology and its applications in a country. The result of this is that the process of peer review and the exchange of experiences only can take place at an international level. To facilitate this exchange the FiWi project aims to create a platform where FEHRL-members can share information from all WIM-projects in Europe.

Despite its ambitious level, the FiWi project will be a relatively small project with a few well-defined tasks that will result in concrete results. BASt, LCPC, CEDEX*, RWS DVS (former DWW), EMPA*, UCD, ZAG, and the FEHRL office participate in the project. However, results are made available for all the members and partners of FEHRL. The nature of the topic makes it necessary to have close contact with specific external organisations, experts, and manufacturers.

The FiWi project is a "low-budget" project with minimal management and travel costs. All partners care for their own expenses. The project will run for a duration of 2 years and has a total workload of 23 man months.


*subject to confirmation


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