News - New Forever Open Road Adaptable Road roadmap published!


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New Forever Open Road Adaptable Road roadmap published!


The Adaptable Roadmap update was led by BASt, supported by NPRA, VGTU and Maple Consulting Ltd. Additional comment, text and review was undertaken by the wider FEHRL community. Milestones for delivery of 2015 (single technologies), 2020 (sub-system) and 2025+ (full deployment) were proposed in the original roadmaps. This update reflects progress against the 2015 milestone and reassesses the 2020 and 2025 milestones, with the addition and expansion of some innovation topics and removal of others. Additionally, it focuses on demonstration projects and implementation. It is available as a free .pdf download here.

FEHRL’s flagship programme, the Forever Open Road has three elements, the Adaptable Road, the Automated Road and the Resilient Road with R&D roadmaps were prepared for each element. Following an update of the Resilient Road Roadmap in April 2017, the Adaptable Roadmap has now been updated, with the Automated Roadmap to follow this summer. For more information, contact FOR PRogramme Manager Martin Lamb at


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