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One day workshop on Transport and Climate Change

Workshop organised by ETRA and IFSTTAR to be held in Paris on 6th July 2015


The 2015 International Scientific Conference on Climate Change entitled: “Our Common Future under Climate Change”, will be held in Paris from the 7th to the 10th of July, 2015 ( Motivated by this event, the European Transport Research Alliance – ETRA (a partnership of five major European Transport Research Associations) and the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks – IFSTTAR, are co-organizing and hosting in conjunction to this Conference a one-day workshop in Paris, on Monday July 6th (at the IFSTTAR Paris premises), focusing on the interaction of transport infrastructure, networks and operations with climate change.

The title of the Workshop is: “Transport and Climate Change: European Researchers act”. It will primarily focus on the results of current transport research on climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. It will host views and research results on: impact quantification of climate change on transportation systems, identification of optimal adaptive measures, strategies and policies for overcoming climate change impacts, costs involved, and ways forward to protect, safe-proof and enhance the resilience of transportation infrastructures and networks. A more detailed description of the contents and orientation of this Workshop is attached.

We would hereby like to invite you to participate in the workshop and / or contribute with a presentation or paper in the area of your specific interests. Participation is free of charge but prior registration is necessary (to be done via the site: For any details and inquiries please do not hesitate to contact: Ms. Paulina Potemski ( or Mr. Iraklis Stamos (



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