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Public consultation on Community innovation policy

European Commission18 September – 16 November 2009:  The Communication Reviewing Community innovation policy in a changing world” presents an assessment of the achievements and shortcomings in implementing Community policies in support of innovation in recent years. Together with a series of more detailed Commission staff working papers, it serves as an input to the preparation of a new European innovation plan, as called for by the European Council.


The objective is to put in place new ambitious policies to foster innovation in Europe. The new policy will be presented in the context of the forthcoming post-2010 Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs, taking into account the global economic crisis.

This public consultation seeks to follow up the findings of the referred Communication and two previous consultations, one on the effectiveness of innovation support in Europe and one on design as driver of user-centred innovation. It will explore new ways to address challenges for a better European innovation policy and collect information for the impact assessment report on the innovation plan. To this purpose, a list of questions has been prepared.

All interested stakeholders are invited to submit comments by Monday 16 November 2009 to Please use this document  for this purpose. 

* Please consult the website for a more detailed list of the documents above:


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