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Read about progress made so far on INROADS project

Read about the latest progress on the INtelligent Renewable Optical ADvisory System (INROADS) project.


In preparing the Research and Development plan for FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road programme, intelligent in-pavement LED lighting was determined to be a technology of interest. As a result, a team of FEHRL members (AIT, IFFSTAR, NETIVEI Israel and TRL) and other industry partners formed a consortium which were successful in bidding for FP7 funding to undertake the INROADS project, which in turn will feed back into the development of the Forever Open Road programme.

The INROADS project, which has been running since December 2011, has just produced a short report of the progress so far which can be downloaded from the link below and here. Click on to read more about INROADS and contact Martin Lamb, Project Coordinator of TRL at, for more details about the project.


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