News - Research Coordinator (RC) meeting confirms Research Area Leader (RAL) role

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Research Coordinator (RC) meeting confirms Research Area Leader (RAL) role

RALs to support RC Chair and Vice Chair and be responsible predominantly for project development and communication.


At  the latest FEHRL Research Coordinator (RC) meeting on 9-10th May 2012 at ZAG in Ljubljana, the RC Chair (Stefan Deix) and Vice Chair (Sylvie Proeschel) confirmed the roles and responsbilities of the Research Area Leaders (RALs) which have undergone some changes over the past six months.

The RALs will now be responsible for supporting the RC Chair and Vice Chair and carrying out the following tasks:  

  1. Project Development: the RALs will work towards developing opportunities into projects. Among others, they will take necessary steps to identify leaders for proposals. They will also support the Secretary-General to identify key stakeholders during project developments. Since the RC meeting, a number of workshops have already been held to build proposals for upcoming selected project calls.

  2. Communication: the RALs will organise workshops to develop projects and serve as a link between the Forever Open Road Expert Group (FOREX) and the FEHRL experts.

The following people have been elected RALs:

  • Material, Design, Production: Alan O’ Connor (TCD); Jos Wessels (TNO)
  • Mobility, Transport & Infrastructure: Nicolas Hautiere (IFSTTAR); Åsa Aretun (VTI)
  • Environment, Energy, Resources: Manfred Haider (AIT); Gregers Hildebrand (DRD)
  • Safety & Security: Xavier Cocu (BRRC); Francesca La Torre (UNIFI)

More information about the Research Areas can be found here.


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