News - Research Village Associations - DAY 4 - #TRA2022

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

Research Village Associations - DAY 4 - #TRA2022

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Research Village Associations Activities

Thursday - 17 November 2022 

The Research Village Associations (FEHRL, ECTRI, EURNEX)  had four days of intensive activities and counted on experts presenting their amazing work on different themes.

Here you have the presentations from DAY 4:

👉 Dr Björn Kalman (VTI, Sweden)

Presentation: Accelerated Road construction testing and advanced pavement performance monitoring – Tools to increase sustainability, circularity and to reach carbon neutral road construction


👉 Flora Fessler (AIT, Austria)

Presentation: KNOWING project - Climate Mitigation Pathways for adaptation and societal transformation


👉 Dr Maciej Maliszewski (IBDIM, Poland)

Presentation: Quick pavement rehabilitation as a tool for greener roads




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