News - RESIST participation at #TRA2022

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

RESIST participation at #TRA2022

16th of November, Wednesday - 15:00


Natural and human-made extreme events increasingly affect infrastructure performance, including service disruptions and higher maintenance costs, and eventually jeopardize citizens’ safety. This session focuses on safer, better and more efficient road inspection, maintenance, intervention and resilience against such events. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and Autonomous Robotic Intervention solutions will be discussed, along with tools developed to predict potential hazards and related action plans. Six highly related H2020 projects will give insights into their perspectives of working towards a common goal, addressing key challenges related to integrated solutions, real-life situations, prevention of extreme events and infrastructure resilience.

The RESIST project will have an important discussion at the invited session "Innovative solutions for intelligent and resilient road infrastructure management" at #TRA2022 on the 16th November  - 15h.

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