News - RESIST - Pilot Demonstration Workshop 31 March 2022

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RESIST - Pilot Demonstration Workshop 31 March 2022

Video Recording & Presentations are available


The Workshop Pilot Demonstration of RESIST platform on Egnatia Odos Bridge T9/T11 – Metsovo / Greece was delivered in Hybrid format on 31st March 2022

🌉 The integrated RESIST system was tested on two pilots. The 1st pilot, the focus of this workshop, was at the T9-T11 bridge in Egnatia Odos, Greece (Peristeri/Epirus). The whole system was tested in a seismic triggered landslide scenario that affects the integrity of the end supports and of the superstructure of the tall balance cantilevered ravine bridge T9-T11. The aerial robots took measurements, both visual and contact, which were transmitted to the vulnerability and risk assessment modules for analysis. Vibration/strain/displacement/tilt was measured by sensors, installed by an aerial robot, and by the Egnatia Odos monitoring network. Load testing was conducted by Egnatia Odos to validate the autonomous structural assessment.  At the same time, the ability of the mobility continuity module was tested on live conditions to see the ability to reroute traffic and properly disseminate information to users of the road.

🎞 📑If you had not the opportunity to join us, you can catch up on the video recording and PPT available here:

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