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Rijkswaterstaat Road Survey Vehicles Lost in Fire


On Sunday night 27th August 2017, a large fire destroyed an industrial complex near Delft (The Netherlands). In this complex, the remote garage was also located where Rijkswaterstaat's fleet of dedicated road survey vehicles was stationed. All of Rijkswaterstaat's measuring and survey vehicles were destroyed, most notably two ARAN’s, a dedicated LCMS measurement vehicle and two RWS friction trailers.


The loss of the vehicles does affect the planned measurements for 2018, however short term measures will be implemented to minimise the impact on pavement management. Also scenario's for urgent project level measurements are worked out currently.

The Dutch mobility policy serves two goals: reliable journey times and better accessibility. This remains Rijkswaterstaat’s focus at all times. Therefore Rijkswaterstaat will continue to measure the road surface characteristics.

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Wim van Ooijen, Rijkswaterstaat





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