News - Three Forever Open Road workshops held in March to progress roadmaps

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Three Forever Open Road workshops held in March to progress roadmaps

Workshops contribute towards the Adaptable and Automated element roadmaps.


Three workshops have been held in March for FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road (FOR) programme to develop the research priorities to 2020. The outcome of the workshops feed into the programme's research and innovation roadmaps on the Adaptable and Automated elements that are currently being drafted. The roadmaps are important as they outline the comprehensive and consistent research plan for road operations to 2025/2030. On the basis of these roadmaps, FEHRL will contribute to current discussions and conclusions in the European Commission (EC) on the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

Currently the final draft versions of the roadmaps are being developed, that will be available on the FOR website in April. Over the summer, a wider community of experts and the public will be consulted and the roadmaps will be finalised on the basis of this consultation. During this process, the expert communities of FOR are being built up and positioned to follow up on the roadmaps (both driving the research calls through, for example, research statements and responding to calls through project consortia).

1) A workshop In Oslo on 9th March hosted by NPRA on the design, construction and operation of infrastructures theme within the Adaptable Road element

Participants were from NPRA, BASt, VTI, Chalmers University in Sweden and RWS. Click here to see the documents from the workshop.

2) A workshop in Brussels on 14th March hosted by IFSTTAR and RWS on the Automated Road element.

This workshop was combined with the RAIDER project (advanced incident detection). As well as making efficient use of resources, this concept of a combined workshop on programming and project proved to be very synergistic in linking both realities and building on them.  Participants were from IFSTTAR, RWS,  ZAG, AIT,  BASt, Transport of Scotland and DRI. Click here to see the documents from the workshop.

3) A workshop In Brussels on 15th March hosted by RWS on the Asset Management theme within the Adaptable Road element.

Participants were from RWS, IFSTTAR, AIT, BASt, TRL, VTI and NPRA. Click here to see the documents from the workshop


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