News - TRA VISIONS 2020 results: Young Researcher Competition

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TRA VISIONS 2020 results: Young Researcher Competition


🆕 The TRA VISIONS 2020 young researchers’ competition targets students at universities and technical institutes pursuing bachelor and higher degrees, as well as early career PhD researchers.

Initially, participants are invited to submit an abstract under one of the TRA conference Topics (Call for Ideas). This is the registration period where all the participants are invited to register their ideas and submit a title and a short abstract of their ideas. The participants then usually have a three-month period to further develop their proposals into a final project following a very clear template (Submission of Ideas). This is normally followed by an Evaluation of Ideas period, divided into two steps- a first remote evaluation by two evaluators and a second step in which the shortlisted ideas (10 per mode) are evaluated by a judging panel during the Shortlisting Event in which the three top ideas per mode (road, rail, waterborne, airborne and cross modality) are identified.

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