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TRB Webinar: Transportation & COVID-19

Practices from other disease outbreaks


TRB Webinar: Transportation & COVID-19 – Practices from other disease outbreaks

How can the transportation industry deal with and manage the COVID-19 outbreak? TRB hosted a webinar on Monday, March 23 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM Eastern that identified a holistic approach transportation and health agencies may take to contain and manage the outbreak. Addressing decision-making challenges in disease response in the transportation context is a multi-dimensional task, involving not only transportation and transit organizations, but health organizations, emergency management agencies, and communications outlets as well. Presenters discussed their experience with other outbreaks such as H1N1 (2009 – a.k.a. “swine flu”) and Avian Influenza. They identified challenges COVID-19 has presented in their transportation systems and what their agencies are doing to adapt and mitigate risks for those at greatest risk of contracting the illness. Presenters also discussed what can be done today to enhance the resiliency of our transportation systems at risk of future similar disease outbreaks.

The webinar recording is now available.
Full information you can find here


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