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Two new Energy, Environment & Resources Research Area Leaders

Two new Energy, Environment & Resources Research Area Leaders now in place from BASt and TRL


Ursula Blume from BASt and Helen Viner from TRL are the new Research Area Leaders for Energy, Environment & Resources. Both are already Research Coordinators (RCs) for their institute. 

Helen, who has worked for TRL since 1997,  replaced Richard Woodward as RC since he retired at the end of 2012. Helen has worked primarily in pavement surface characteristics, where she has been responsible for delivering research programmes and developing associated advice and standards. Her experience includes tyre-road interaction (friction, splash/spray and noise); the influence of surface condition on accident risk and the development of performance indicators for pavement management. Helen has contributed to European projects on skid resistance and performance indicators.  She is a member of the TRB Committee on surface properties and their interaction with vehicles (AFD90).



Ursula has worked for BASt since 2006. She started in the field of earthworks and for road construction on very weak subground and the application of geosynthetics in earthworks. In this field she has experience from her former work in the application department of an international company producing geosynthetics. From 2010 untll 2012, she worked in the staff unit of BASt for the internal and external coordination of national and international research. Since 2012, she works on international research tasks in road construction, collaborates on the strategic programming of BASt and is member of the BASt working group on climate change. Ursula has been FEHRL RC for BASt since 2010. She actively participated in the EU projects DETRA and EUTRAIN.










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