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13.07.2007 00:07
New FEHRL project FiWi - FEHRL institutes WIM initiative project

Starting September 2007, FEHRL institutes active in Weigh-in-motion (WIM) R&D have joined forces in a new FEHRL project: FiWi.

Since the early 90's there have been considerable developments in the field of Weigh-in-Motion in Europe. Interesting results have been achieved by cooperation in international projects like DIVINE, COST-323, WAVE, Top-Trial and Remove.

One of the aims of the FiWi project is to implement the key recommendations of the Remove project.

04.07.2007 00:07
New leadership team takes office

The new President Claude Van Rooten, Vice -Presidents  Helen Riddervold and Andra Legat and the Treasurer          Peter Maurer formally took office on the 1st of July 2007. This followed the elections of the recent General Assembly.