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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


23.07.2012 14:07
Claude Van Rooten, Director General of BRRC, shares his concerns for the future

FEHRL General Assembly member, Claude Van Rooten, was also interviewed for EC’s video wall on Horizon 2020.

19.07.2012 09:07
HEROAD project workshop to be held in conjunction with EPAM2012

HEROAD project workshop on 5th September 2012 at EPAM2012 in Malmö, Sweden to include overview and discussion of key project areas

10.07.2012 11:07
TRAJECTOIRE - IFSTTAR's Research Magazine

 "TRAJECTOIRE", the IFSTTAR Magazine of research, expertise and careers is now available.

Trajectoire, le Magazine de la recherche, de l'expertise et des métiers de l'Ifsttar n° 3  vient de paraître

09.07.2012 17:07
Horizon 2020, Prof. Andr-Gilles Dumont comments on research and innovation

FEHRL General Assembly member, Prof. André-Gilles Dumont was interviewed for the European Commission’s video wall on Horizon 2020. 


06.07.2012 15:07
Australian Road Safety Committee meet with FEHRL on infrastructure and motorcycle safety

 Parliament of Victoria

The Road Safety Committee of the Parliament of Victoria, Australia visited Brussels as part of their current work, which includes an Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety.