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18.10.2010 00:10
FEHRL Participation in the European Road Safety Day

On 13 October 2010, the third European Road Safety Day took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. FEHRL president, Mr. Joris Al, was part of the panel during the third and final session on safety of road infrastructure. Mr. Al’s presentation, “Contribution to Road Safety by Infrastructure” highlighted the need for knowledge transfer and the role FEHRL can play in this transfer. He further presented slides on the Pilot4Safety and Forever Open Road projects. More...

18.10.2010 00:10
PILOT4SAFETY Newsletter #1

A PILOT4SAFETY newsletter will be published and released tri-yearly to provide the latest project news, happenings, events, and results. The first issue of the PILOT4SAFETY newsletter is available for download here.

07.10.2010 00:10
Press Release | Tools for Forecasting the Impact of Climate Change on Road Infrastructures

1 October 2010 - Road authorities were interested in a common way of estimating and prioritizing mitigation efforts/measures to identify and prevent problems with road infrastructure, caused by climate change. The European projects SWAMP, RIMAROCC, P2R2C2, and IRWIN were commissioned to do just that. The principal focus of these projects were on evaluating the impact of climate change on road infrastructure, determining methods for calculating costs and benefits of adaptation measures, and risk management. The results will be presented at the ERA-NET ROAD Conference in early December 2010.

07.10.2010 00:10
Forever Open Road Newsletter #1

"Redefining Highway Transport" - The 1st Newsletter (.pdf) presents the project developments, structure, real-life technology trials, and introduces the Forever Open Road (FOR)  Champions. An initiative of FEHRL, the FOR concept will bring together existing, innovative technologies and systems from across Europe to develop and share the practical and tested solutions to the needs of road infrastructure network management. This editions Technology Trials: Rejuvenating and Induction Healing of Porous Asphalt, Noise Reducing Road Pavements, Sensor Technique for Continuous and Durable Temperature Measurements, and Geothermal Energy Supply to Prevent Icing.

04.10.2010 00:10
European Standard for ITS Communications Architecture published by ETSI

A major milestone in ITS related standardisation has been achieved with the publication of the European Standard for ITS Communications Architecture. The CVIS project, with FEHRL as a partner, has contributed to the publication of "Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Communications Architecture", along with the research projects COMeSafety, CVIS and GeoNet. This European Standard has been prepared in close cooperation with ISO TC 204 WG16, IEEE P1609, ERTICO. It is free for download at this link, ETSI EN 302 665 V1.1.1.