News - Complete the FLOW project's congestion survey now

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Complete the FLOW project's congestion survey now

How do decision makers think about and approach congestion reduction in their cities?...


... To find the answer to this question, the FLOW project has launched a survey aimed at decision makers in transport policy from the city, regional, national and European levels. We warmly invite political decision makers (such as MEPs, Ministers or (vice-) Mayors, …) and technical decision makers (such as Heads of Transport or Spatial Planning Units) to respond to the FLOW survey.

FEHRL is grateful to those who share their time (roughly 15 minutes for the online survey) and experience (gathered over years!) to participate in the survey. To recognise the valuable input, we would like to acknowledge participants on our FLOW website (at the end of the survey, participants may indicate their interest in public recognition or remain anonymous if they choose).

 If you would like an opportunity to approach your local decision makers on the subject of congestion reduction, you can do so using the FLOW survey. And please don’t forget to share the results with us by completing the online survey! We’ll share the Europe-wide results in early 2018.



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