News - DiREC article published in FIRM magazine - issue 18

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DiREC article published in FIRM magazine - issue 18

Pages 10 & 11


DiREC project has an article published in the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Magazine - FIRM, issue 18.

Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) is an impor­tant area of digital technology that will bring disruption to individuals, economies, and societies. Most forms of CAD require some level of infrastructure support for their safe operation. Additional infrastructure and ser­vices to support CAD have the potential to improve safety even further and to bring other benefits such as increased capacity or reduced congestion.

However, the infrastructure requirements from OEMs are not always clear, and it is difficult for NRAs to predict and plan for the future levels of support needed for CAD given rap­idly evolving technology and uncertain projections of future CAD demand.

There is a need for better dialogue among NRAs, OEMs and service providers to articulate those requirements and to define a roadmap and responsibilities for achieving safe and smart roads through CAD.

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