Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


19.12.2013 09:12
Maryna Mokhovikova seconded to FEHRL for three weeks from DNDI

Maryna Mokhovikova seconded to FEHRL Secretariat Office for three weeks from DNDI up to 6th December.

05.12.2013 15:12
Third issue of FIRM: FEHRL gears up for 2014 challenges

Third issue of FEHRL Infrastructure Research Magazine (FIRM) focuses on Horizon 2020, Infravation and CEDR challenges.

02.12.2013 11:12
SUP&R International Training Network (ITN) recruiting young researchers

Key information on recruitment process now available on SUP&R ITN portal and Facebook page.

29.11.2013 09:11
FORx4 co-modal transport initiative document now published

FORx4 initiaitve is 'point of view' document focusing on four domains of Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Customers.

15.11.2013 09:11
FEHRL member nominated as iMobility Forum R&I WG co-chair

Frans op de Beek  from Rijkswaterstaat nominated as iMobility Forum Research & Innovation Working Group co-chair.