News - Darko Kokot seconded to FEHRL for seven weeks from ZAG


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Darko Kokot seconded to FEHRL for seven weeks from ZAG

Darko will work on Forever Open Road (FOR) and FOR x 4, as well as the FEHRL Knowledge Centre.


Yesterday 19th August 2013, Darko Kokot started a secondement for seven weeks to the FEHRL office from FEHRL member ZAG. As secondee, he will help with execution of planned tasks within FEHRL's flagship programme Forever Open Road (FOR) and the associated FOR×4 initiative. In addition, he will work to improve the FEHRL Knowledge Centre.

Darko has been working as a researcher at ZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute) since 2000. He is Deputy Head of the Section of Road Maintenance and Management and he started his professional work mainly on pavement condition monitoring and pavement surface characteristics. In recent years, Darko has enlarged his focus with an environmental point of view in relation to road pavements. He also already participated in several international projects (including FEHRL projects) such as FORMAT, PREVENT, SPENS, NR2C, TYROSAFE, PERSUADE, EVITA, MIRAVEC and MIRIAM. Darko can be contacted at



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