News - SUP&R International Training Network (ITN) recruiting young researchers

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SUP&R International Training Network (ITN) recruiting young researchers

Key information on recruitment process now available on SUP&R ITN portal and Facebook page.


The SUP&R International Training Network (ITN) will offer a training-through-research programme to selected young researchers across Europe. The SUP&R ITN through a consortium of Universities, Research Centres and Companies/ Industries from different European countries aims to form a new generation of multidisciplinary European researchers and professionals, capable of conceiving, planning and executing sustainable road and railway infrastructures.

As an associate partner, FEHRL is happy to announce the opening of the recruitment process and at the same time the launch of the following:

Recruitment information

  1.  Researchers will all apply through the website (central recruitment) with deadline 1st of January 2014
  2. Nottingham University will create a shortlist of candidates for each institutions and will send the shortlists at certain point on January 2014
  3. Each institutions should interview/recruit the researcher/s following its own recruitment process

Please, kindly spread the news, they are recruiting NOW - see!!!

Do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator Davide Lo Presti directly for any further information.



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