News - Teaming-up for European Surface Transport research- Lyon Declaration


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Teaming-up for European Surface Transport research- Lyon Declaration

At a ceremony attended by senior EC and Member State officials,  FEHRL’s President, Claude Van Rooten, joined with other surface transport research organisations in signing a major declaration.  The Lyon Declaration commits the signatories to work together to consolidate surface transport research.


The Lyon Declaration was signed by FEHRL’s partners from ECTRI, EURNEX, FERSI, HUMANIST,NEARCTIS and ISN.  These partner together represent a massive research capacity and interest across all surface transport modes.   The intention of FEHRL is to strengthen and broaden this important agreement with colleagues from all complementary field.

The full text of the Declaration is downloadable here. The DG RTD article is downloadable here.

The Declaration covers the key areas of;

  • European Research Area Governance
  • Education and Training
  • Research Infrastructures
  • Evaluation and Joint Programming
  • International cooperation
  • Content of side (research priorities)


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