News - Pilot4Safety project features on Linked In

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Pilot4Safety project features on Linked In

International Road Safety Audit group on Linked In features discussion on Pilot4Safety project.


Click on the link below to take a look at the latest discussion on Pilot4Safety within the International Road Safety Audit group on the popular business-related social networking site Linked In

The discussion focuses on the definition of Road Safety Audit (RSA) on the European secondary network, and, in the words of one participant, "this (Pilot4Safety) project is likely to more influential than perhaps intended. It is likely to impact on all EU member states who currently carry out RSA's with any formality and already, some that don't do very much formally are getting policies in place to ensure that they do extend the practice to secondary roads from 2012 onwards".

For more information on Pilot4Safety, see or contact Adewole Adesiyun at  


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